How to Use Art History Brush Tool in Photoshop

How to Use Art History Brush Tool in Photoshop

In this 30th tutorial, we are going to learn about Art History Brush Tool. This is one of the most basic tools in Adobe Photoshop for painting with stylized strokes by using the source data from a specific history state or snapshot taken. Art History Brush Tool has very interesting options. We can play around different paint styles, brush sizes, and tolerance values. We can also simulate the texture with different colors and artistic styles. Unlike the History Brush tool, the Art History Brush tool paints by re-creating the specified source data. The Art History Brush tool uses that data along with the options you set to create different colors and artistic styles. This is how we achieve painterly effects. We also discussed several hidden Photoshop Tips, tricks and Secrets. We discussed several ways to create new layer in Photoshop. We also talked about creating work path and applying art history brush tool on stroke. We explored the meaning of Dab Style. Real life examples were also shown in the tutorial.

The keyboard shortcut key for Art History Brush tool is letter ‘Y’.

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