How to Use Paint Bucket Tool in Photoshop

How to Use Paint Bucket Tool in Photoshop

In this 35th tutorial, we are going to learn about Paint Bucket Tool. This is one of the most basic tools in Adobe Photoshop for filling areas with desired color as per opacity and tolerance range selected from Paint Bucket Tool’s option bar. All we need is to choose Foreground Color that we want to fill in or the pattern from the option bar. To fill color: 1) Make selection and fill 2) Select Layer and fill. 3) Create new layer and fill. Same can be done from the Edit Menu located in the menu bar right next to file menu. We can access Fill Panel by pressing Shift + F5. Paint Bucket Tool can be found with Gradient tool in one sub panel of the tool bar. Its keyboard shortcut is G. Like a few other Photoshop Tools, we have Anti-alising, Contiguous and Sample All Layers option in the option bar.

The keyboard shortcut key for Paint Bucket  tool is letter ‘M’.

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