Welcome, SPARTANS!

Let’s Unlock WordPress Codex.

You want to be a Top WordPress Developer? Let’s join hands as 300 Spartans did once. Let’s taste VICTORY in the International Freelance Job Platforms i.e. Upwork, Fiverr etc.

Free Assets for WP Spartans 2019

Core WordPress Development

WP Spartans 300 will learn to unlock WP Codex. APIs will be the ultimate goal. From PSD to WordPress Conversion to WordPress Based Mobile Apps, spartans will conquer their fears. 300 Lucky WordPress Developers will enjoy lucrative benefits of successful online projects.

WordPress Projects

300 Spartans will learn WordPress by doing several projects from November 2018 to February 2019.

We will learn how to create responsive WordPress Themes and Plugins. We’ll be in a position to sell our assets via Themeforest (Envato) and other platforms. Get ready to conquer that front.

Why 3 Months Free Training?

If you have watched my videos on YouTube Channel, you know my style. I’m a self made person. My aim is to help young freelancers to acquire productive skills.

If you visit Frelance Pakistan YouTube Channel, you’ll find playlists about Freelancing Tips and techniques, Upwork, Fiverr, Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDRAW. WordPress is new mission to train 300 Spartans to play their roles as Top WordPress Developers.

Stay Passionate!

Let me tell you that without passion and commitment, you won’t be able to be a Rockstar WordPress Developer. It does take a lot of hard work ; however, the end result is awesome.

I will guide you step by step so that you could get results from your WordPress Training Mission. Get ready to excel as a professional developer. It’d be fun and exciting adventure.

With 300 Subscribed Spartans, I’ll keep on sharing WordPress Tips, helping material and additional resources.

Videos will be uploaded on YouTube Channel on regular basis for all. Why I’m focusing on 300 Spartans only? Well, it’s symbolical. 300 will represent rest of the community members. 

Farooq Shah, Top Rated Freelancer – WordPress & Graphic Design Pro

300 Spartans! WP Developers 2019

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