In this 32nd tutorial, we are going to learn about Background Eraser Tool. This is one of the most basic tools in Adobe Photoshop for erasing pixels on a Photoshop Layer or object to transparent checkerboard. The background eraser tool, like eraser tool in Photoshop, offers destructive work flow. Once the pixels are erased, they are gone. It has different sampling and tolerance range options. We can also set three different types of limits while erasing background with this tool. We also discussed about decreasing or increasing brush size. A real life example of curly hair background removal is also presented to give you an idea how and when to use The Background Eraser Tool. We also talked a lot many Adobe Photoshop Software’s useful tips, tricks and secrets. As the background eraser tool is very much like brush; therefore, we can use it the same way to erase pixels from desired areas. We can set different brush tips, sizes, hardness values and angle etc. Three limits are as under: 1: Dis contiguous means that the background eraser tool can erase pixels beyond the sampled cluster of pixels. 2: Contiguous means that the background eraser tool erases pixels within the close vicinity as per tolerance range and pixel data available. 3: Find Edges, as the name states, finds edges and erases pixel data in between edges. Blending modes are not an option in the background eraser tool’s option bar.

The keyboard shortcut key for Background Eraser tool is letter ‘E’.

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