n this 23rd tutorial, we are going to learn about Brush Tool, one of the most powerful and extensively used Photoshop tools. We talked about all general options of the Brush tool. We discussed Keyboard Shortcuts to resize Brush and zoom in or zoom out while working on a Photoshop Project. We also discussed How to Create Custom Brush in Photoshop. Making custom brushes in Photoshop is a productive activity. We can sell custom brushes online via Envato, Shutterstock etc to make money, and we can accomplish difficult tasks the easy way while working on Freelancing Projects.. We also explored Brush Tool Presets Panel and briefly discussed Scattering and Color Dynamics. In addition, we discussed what is difference between opacity and flow. A lot many additional tips and secrets that would help you understand the basic use of Brush Tool and create custom brushes as per the need of the projects you get hired for on Upwork, Fiverr and other Freelancing Sites.

The keyboard shortcut key for Brush tool is letter ‘J’.

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