In this 22nd tutorial, we are going to learn about Red Eye Tool. Fairly simple and easy to use, one of the most basic tools in Adobe Photoshop for healing Red Eye Camera Flash Effect from eyes. It has two options (Pupil Size and Darken Amount. Simply click on the pupil with Red Eye Tool and Boom! Camera and Human Eye are identical. They function the same way (Technically speaking). The Camera Flash and the Eye Fundus altogether create this effect. Retina does have its role within. Digital Cameras are much advanced these days. We rarely see this Red Eye Effect. However, if it’s there, simply bring the image into Photoshop. Select Red Eye Tool, and click on the red eye effect. It will be gone in a click. Do not accidentally click on light reflections because it will make eyes look dull and artificial. To see more examples of Red Eye Effect, you can search Google.

The keyboard shortcut key for Red Eye Tool tool is letter ‘J’.

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